Andrea Thedorff’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science

Andrea’s passion for math, science, and technology teaching earned her the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science in 2016. Andrea Thedorff has taught mathematics in the elementary classroom for 11 years, and we are lucky to have had her at our school for the past 7 years.

Andrea creates a classroom culture that celebrates new and different learning. Her classroom culture includes an understanding that mistakes help us grow and that it’s okay to not know the answers right away. She uses engaging activities to encourage higher-level thinking, including integrating mathematics and technology using coding robots. She understands the importance of building a fundamental understanding of mathematical concepts. She strives to differentiate her lessons to meet the needs of her students, applying her master’s degree is Differentiated Instruction to her work every day in the classroom.

Here’s what Andrea has to say about the Presidential Award.

“The Presidential Award validates the work I do as an educator. This prestigious award opens up a professional community of learners that will help me to be a better teacher. I would not be the teacher I am today without the support of the people with whom I have worked. My students have benefited from my learning and collaboration with others. I have been blessed with inspiring colleagues that continue to challenge and support me.”

Andrea Thedorff