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RcasClick here for the latest news about home learning and COVID-19 from the Rapid City School District.


This year our students are using Kickstand to complete online work in reading, writing, math, PE, music, and STEAM/Library. Kickstand is an online learning management system where teachers will be creating lessons for students to complete both at school and at home. When students are at home on Virtual Fridays, and if we are at a level 2, it is expected that students log in and complete assignments so that they can keep up on their work. Computers will be coming home with students to allow for at-home learning.


Here is a video that will help you and your student navigate Kickstand to complete and turn in work. Please also feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you need assistance with technology or Kickstand. Thank you for your efforts to help your child with their school work at home. We are in this together!


At-Home Learning Schedules

It’s very important that your child has a schedule when they are learning at home. Your child should wake up at the same time, dress for school, and eat breakfast regardless of whether they are going to school or learning at home. Here is a sample schedule your child can follow while learning at home. Feel free to create your own schedule, using the example as a guide. Students need to have an hour of writing, reading, and math instruction every day. Students might also have WIN courses, which are reading (and eventually math) classes designed to give your student instruction at their level. Be sure to complete any work in your WIN course every day too! Then students will also have half an hour each of music, PE, counseling, and STEAM (library) lessons throughout the week. These “specials” subjects are optional on Fridays, but recommended Monday-Thursday. Students can complete one half-hour lesson each day of the week, taking turns completing PE, music, STEAM and counseling lessons.


Sample Schedule:

8:00 Be ready for school when learning at home!
8:00 Log in to Kickstand and complete Home Room Morning Meeting
8:30 Reading work
9:30 Work on PE, Music, STEAM or Counseling lesson (one per day for half an hour) Fridays should have optional activities
10:00 Take a recess break
10:30 Math
11:30 Eat Lunch
12:00 Take a recess break
12:30 Writing
1:30 WIN Time! Your student might have a WIN course on Kickstand, which stands for What I Need. Make sure to go into your WIN courses and complete any work that your teacher has assigned to you. This should take half an hour to an hour depending on if you have literacy WIN and math WIN.
2:30-2:45 Additional Educational Activities – Use this website or other resources to find educational activities for your child. This could include hands on activities that do not need a computer, or extra subjects such as science, health, social studies, or art. Tinkering with educational ‘toys’ is also a great option. Students could complete a STEAM challenge with materials found at home, or complete a PE challenge or practice some music. Be creative and consider allowing your student to choose what they want to learn during this time. School ends at 2:45!



There are several programs in the area to help support families. Here is a PDF on the Black Hills Regional Food Response. This includes information on food deliveries, food pantries, and Meals on Wheels. Black Hills Regional Food Response Flyer


RCAS is serving breakfast and lunch at Black Hawk Elementary School on Wednesdays from 11:00 to 11:30. Come join us for a cold, grab-n-go breakfast or lunch in a drive-thru fashion. Please stay in your car and your children must be present.


The Career Learning Center and the South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center are hosting a live event on Facebook for those who would like financial tips, tools and resources. Click to download the Financial Fridays flyer. See below or click this link for information on what to do if you are homeless.

For Website Financial Fridays

For website HomelessAre You Homeless? Flyer


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Click below to download the excel document which includes descriptions of services:

COVID 19 Resources for Providers Parents

Click on the graphic to navigate to the website:

Apply for Unemployment Assistance.            Here is a YouTube Tutorial:

Capture6                                                         Capture7

                  Disaster Loans                 Early Childhood Connections    Facebook:


When Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus:

· Don’t be afraid to talk about the Coronavirus.

· Start talking by asking what they know.

· Be developmentally appropriate: answer their questions with facts and honesty. Providing too much information can be overwhelming. It is okay if you can’t answer everything.

· Validate their feeling and be reassuring let them know it is okay to feel nervous and scared. Let them know it is rare and children seems to have much milder symptoms.

· Give them a sense of control: help them focus on things they can do to help such as washing their hands, eating healthy, sleeping, etc. This will help them feel empowered.

· Establish routine and schedules. This helps provide predictability and stability that they need and help reduce anxiety, worry, and stress.

Mr. Raaphorst


Click here for a handout From Mr. R. on careers and activities to do at home.


Tumble Math TumblebooksAudioBook Cloud

Tumblebooks has offered two other services for us during our home-schooling days. Navigate to to choose between three services: Audiobook Cloud, Tumble Math, and classic Tumble Books.


AudioBookCloud – This site is an audio book database for kids to adults, however the direct link below provides direct access to the children’s section.
Direct Link:
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6


TumbleMath – K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link:
Username: tumble2020
Password: A3b5c6



Direct Link:

Username: rapidarea

Password: reads



South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center will be sharing out a Daily Digest every day for FAMILIES with fun and easy activities to support learning at home. Please share out with colleagues, parents, and families. We will be releasing a new Daily Digest each day of the week with new ideas. To sign up to receive the Daily Digest each day, CLICK HERE.


Daily DigestClick here to get started





A message from Whitnee Pearce, the director of Adversity, Equity, and Outreach for the Rapid City Area Schools.

Do you have questions about what support is available for you and your family during this time? You’re in the right place!

We have created this form for Rapid City Area Schools District families to ask questions and receive feedback within 24 hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-4:00PM (excluding weekends). Our RCAS School Social Workers will respond with community resources and information regarding the educational, social, and emotional needs of your student(s).

Thank you,

Whitnee Pearce




Here is a link to Clever so students can access their digital learning portal. With Clever, students can access their teacher’s Sybaloo page (if their teacher has one). There is a link to tumblebooks. The user name is rapidarea and the password is reads. McGraw Hill is also available on Clever, and this is how your child can access the Wonders reading program. Another application is Kickstand, which many teachers will be using for their distance learning.  Some students might have a RazKids account. The Destiny app will take students to the library website where they can find a link to log in to epic books (enter class code zbs7347). Students can also find links to and tinkercad, plus other links that Mrs. Sutliff might post to help with STEAM Challenges. Lastly, students can work on typing with typing agent (1st-5th graders). Kindergartners can use Typetastic to work on typing skills. Find the link on the Destiny library website.

Clever Portal Clever

If you need help logging in, you can click on the link “Get help logging in.” Here is a link to a screen shot of what to do. You can also email Mrs. Sutliff or your teacher to get your Clever Badge.


Black Hawk Cougars YouTube Channel

Mrs. Sutliff will be posting a new STEAM challenge every week on our channel. These short lessons are meant to offer students a chance to take a break from their reading and math work to do a fun activity that uses materials you should have at home. These are not required, but would offer students a nice break from their work. Mrs. Sutliff is also posting read alouds to this channel. Come enjoy a book with everyone! Also on this YouTube Channel you can find Videos from Mr. R. and Mr. D. If you come by, please leave a comment to let us know you visited our channel.

Here is the link to the Black Hawk Cougar Youtube Channel where you can find all these videos for education:


Black Hawk YouTube Channel Black Hawk Cougars Channel


Mrs. Sutliff’s STEM At-Home challenges:


Tic-Tac-Toe STEM #1 Here is the first at-home STEAM Challenge page you can do with your family.


Mrs. Phares posted quite a few resources for students to get exercise at home. Find the posts on ClassDojo under School Story. Mr. D. is also posting his music lessons on ClassDojo School Story and the Black Hawk Cougar YouTube Channel. Here is a link: (Please email your teacher if you need log in information.)

Class Dojo Class dojo