Every Friday Afternoon we celebrate STEAM² at Black Hawk. STEAM² is a new initiative that many schools are exploring. Building on the familiar acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), STEAM² adds Arts and Medical to the mix. But STEAM² is not just a bunch of subject areas. It is a way of learning with hands-on interdisciplinary projects. STEAM² classes are designed to prepare students for jobs in the 21st century.


Kindergarten STEAM²

In Kindergarten, students will choose from three activities with Mrs. Penland, Mrs. Hartle, or Mrs. Caddell.


Mrs. Penland’s CATCH Me If  You Can!

This is all about our C.A.T.C.H. program. We will talk about GO, WOAH, and SLOW foods and have fun with snacks and lots of movement breaks!!! We even get to play with some of Mrs. Phares’s equipment!!!!

(C.A.T.C.H. is a children’s health program that Tari Phares introduced to our school.)


Mrs. Caddell’s “Kinder-Garden”

We will be learning about planting and caring for a garden.


Mrs. Hartle’s Coding Camp

Bring your imagination and join us for coding camp! We will be learning computer programming skills that will help us create stories, build games, and many other fun and exciting activities.


First Grade STEAM²

In First Grade students will choose between four activities  with Mrs. Wieking, Mrs. Wilkes, Mrs. Ivey, and Mrs. Morgan.

Mrs. Wieking’s Artist’s Method

The student will be learning about various  artists and their techniques. Students will create projects using the technique they learned about.


Mrs. Wilkes’ Oceans Study

Explore under the sea in this science based ocean unit. Learn about salt water, waves and currents, animals and animal adaptations, under water exploration, and ocean conservation.


Mrs. Ivey’s Dino Land

Come explore with me as we learn all about Dinosaurs. We will measure, investigate, report on, and even excavate! It will be a ROARING good time!


Mrs. Morgan’s Blooming Good Time

Students will be able to plant a flower and watch the changes during the plants life cycle. Students will also be able to learn about plant pollination, build a miniature greenhouse, and even a 3D flower.


Second Grade STEAM²

In second grade, students will choose from three activities with Mrs. Chalcraft, Mrs. Hammell, and Mrs. Wagner.


Mrs. Chalcraft’s Story MakerSpace

Do you love books? Do you ever wish you could write your ending? Do you like to be creative? Come read a book, write a response, and create your own representation with multimedia.



Mrs. Hammell’s Build a Bridge

If you’re creative and like to solve engineering problems, come and complete challenges in cooperative groups.


Mrs. Wagner’s Hands-On Science

Calling all scientists! Do you wonder why things happen? If you do this class is perfect for you. Come and answer WHY question by doing hands-on science experiments


Third Grade STEAM²

In Third Grade students will choose between three  activities  with Mrs. Johns, Mrs. West, or Mrs. Williams.


Mrs. Johns — Math is Everywhere

Come join us in celebrating math that is everywhere around us! We will be doing math art as well as celebrating different occupations that utilize math in their career. We will also be exploring mobius strips and other fun activities like making geometric shapes out of straws.


Mrs. West’s Fun with Science!

Using simple materials, we can watch Science at work! Learn about different Scientific concepts while having FUN and making cool projects to take home!


Mrs. William’s Hola!

Use technology and research to impress your family and friends with commonly used words and phrases in Spanish. Learn about Spanish speaking countries, culture, and foods on iPads, websites, and language apps.



Fourth Grade STEAM²

In Fourth Grade, students will choose between three activities with Mrs. Liete, Mrs. Thedorff, and Mrs. Starkweather.

Mrs. Leite — Let’s Rock!

In this class we will be learning about rocks and minerals!  We will explore different kinds of rocks and their properties as well as their uses in our world.


Mrs. Thedorff — Out of This World!

In this class, we will learn about the planets in our solar system, the moon and its phases, and the constellations in the sky.


Mrs. Starkweather — Amazing Animals

In this unit we will explore animal needs, habitats, and life cycles. We will be learning about animals through all the aspects of STEAM².


Fifth Grade STEAM²

In Fifth Grade students will choose between three activities  with Mrs. Barbaruolo, Mrs. Mertes, and Mrs. Preston.


Mrs. Barbaruolo — Engineering Rocks

Join us to build on your natural desire for answers by exploring engineering concepts in a fun, hands-on way. Build, be creative, and conquer engineering challenges with everyday supplies.


Mrs. Mertes’s Mathematical Art!

Kids who love art can appreciate math, and kids who love math learn about the importance of art. In mathematical art students will explore symmetry, spiralaterals, tessellations and more!


Mrs. Preston’s  Science in Cooking

Come and learn the science behind your favorite recipes. We will figure out what makes different foods react in different ways when mixed or melted with other foods.


STEAM² in Specials Classes


Every week, a different grade comes to specials for STEAM². Students rotate between all three specials, spending a short amount of time doing three different activities.


Music with Mr. D.

Enjoy learning dances from around the world that are hundreds of years old such as Sasha (Russia), Fjaskern (Sweden), Athlone (Ireland), Adumus (Nigeria) and more.


Library with Mrs. Sutliff

Use your imagination to make Q-Ba-Maze marble mazes, GoldieBlox and LittleBits projects, Makey-Makeys, Stop Motion videos with Stick Bots, Interlocks structures, and even coding robots. Collaborate to build whatever you want in the Maker Space.


Cardiovascular Lab with Mrs. Phares

We will be diving into the science and medical part of STEAM². Students will be exploring heart health through jump rope activities, dances, and warrior obstacle course training. We will learn a little science behind how the heart muscle works and why it is the most important muscle in your body.