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2020-2021 Safety Covid19 Plan    


Student Arrival Students will be allowed to enter the building starting at 7:40. Parents are highly encouraged to drop students off as close to the entrance time as possible. Students will go straight to their classroom or to cafeteria to eat breakfast.
Storage of Personal Items Students will store their personal belongings in one spot as directed by the teacher. Students will use their own personal supply items such as pencils, glue, and scissors.
Hallway and Passing Times The hallways will be marked with tape into two lanes.  Students will be asked to stay walking in the same direction within each lane, much like a highway system.


Whenever possible students will be walked outside by their teacher/ staff instead of moving through the building.

Lunch Breaks and Breakfast


One grade level will be eating in the lunchroom at a time. This will greatly reduce the number of students eating in the lunchroom at one time. Student seats will be marked to increase physical distancing between students.


Additional seating will be arranged for students who choose to eat breakfast. If overcrowding were to occur some students may be asked to eat in their classrooms. Once students are finished eating, they are to go straight to their classrooms.


Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the lunchroom.

Restroom Protocols and Procedures


Kindergarten students will use the bathroom in their classrooms.


Students 1-5 will use the bathroom closest to their classrooms. Only one student per classroom will be allowed to use the restroom at one time.


A marking system is being developed to indicate how many students are in the bathroom at one time. No more than two students in the bathroom will be allowed at one time.

Students will be required to wash hands after using the restroom.

Classroom seating arrangements


Teachers will attempt to maximize the physical space in their classrooms as much as possible. Teachers will remove any additional furniture/items that may clutter the classroom making physical distancing easier. When students are not 6ft. apart, students will be required to wear a mask.
Learning Management System (LMS) The LMS that Black Hawk will be using is called Kickstand. We will be building throughout the school year Kickstand courses and lessons to engage students in all grade levels and in all content areas.
Specials Students will continue to have the opportunity to participate in Music, IMS, and P.E. Whenever possible students will have learning opportunities outside.


Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each special.

Processes/Procedures/Routines within the classroom


When possible, students will be supplied with their own bag of instructional manipulatives.


Supplies provided for students will be sanitized between use/ classes.

Recess One grade level or grade cohort at one time will be allowed per playground area for recess. Teachers will utilize different outside spaces around campus to maximize space and options.


Students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after recess.


Students will not be allowed to bring equipment from home.

Office The amount of people in and out of the office area will be at a minimum. Office staff will be required to wear masks as directed by school board recommendations.
Nursing Our school nurse is a shared position with another school. In times when the nurse is unavailable, clerical and/or administrative staff will assist in consultation with the nurse.


Students needing nursing assistance will enter through the side office door. Students that are feeling “ill” will go into the nursing office. The nurse’s office has a sink, restroom, and chairs for students to sit in. Students that need an ice pack, a band aid, or medication will sit in a location to the side of the office while someone assists them.


Students with a temperature at or above 100.4 will be required to be picked up.

Student Dismissal Students will be dismissed one classroom at a time per hallway or exit area until all classrooms have exited the building.
Student Transportation Masks are required on all school buses.
Family Communication Class Dojo – Communication on how to connect with specific classroom teachers will be communicated once class rosters have been finalized.


School Messenger and RCAS Black Hawk Facebook will also be utilized when necessary.






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